Tika Nicole Weeks

"I have been drawing, painting, and crafting for as long as I can remember. I come from a family of creative people and have always been encouraged to explore those interests. I consider myself to be a self-taught artist, though I continue to take classes whenever I have the opportunity. I've been teaching art off and on for the last 15 years, sharing my passion and encouraging others.

Visions of Wonderland started in 2014 as a creative outlet and an opportunity to share my creations with family and friends. From painting and drawing to sewing and costume designing, one referral led to another until I decided to limit commissioned work and open a pop-up art studio traveling all over Southern Oregon bringing private painting parties to young and old alike. Then, in 2016 while I was in the middle of fighting breast cancer, Visions of Wonderland opened its first art studio. I decided there was no time like the present to make it happen. Best decision ever!

2020 brought more change with a return to our mobile roots with pop-up art events and online Paint & Stream classes. As with many small businesses, COVID had its effect on us and brought about even more changes. The close of 2020 brought the final chapter of Visions of Wonderland. There's just no telling what 2021 will bring! I'll keep creating art and sharing it, of course, but you'll have to wait and see what's to come..."