FAQs & Mythbusters


Q:  How much are your classes?

A:  Our prices may vary, but generally are as follows-

  • 16x20 - $35-40 per painter

  • 12x12 or 11x14 - $25-30 per painter

  • Specialty items, like wood cutouts - $40 per painter

Q:  What does the class fee include?

A:  EVERYTHING! Your class fee will cover the cost of all your supplies to complete the designated art project AND complete step-by-step instructions from our experienced instructor. You don’t need to bring a thing! Your class fee also includes one complimentary beverage from our selection of non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks.

Q:  I see other classes like this offering a free glass of wine for adult painting classes. Does Wonderland offer this too?

A:  Visions of Wonderland has opted to keep our prices lower than our competitors by not including a glass of wine with your painting. We realize that not all of our patrons are wine enthusiasts, so depending on the class, we encourage you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage) or choose from our selection of complimentary beverages (see above).

Q:  Do you offer discounts or coupons?

A:  Be sure to subscribe to our website mailing list and follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to receive the most current offers. For frequent painters, we highly recommend you check out our Membership plans.

>Facebook: www.facebook.com/visionsofwonderland

>Instagram: www.instagram.com/visions_of_wonderland_

Q:  Do I have to join the Facebook event?

A:  No, but we recommend it to receive reminders.

Q:  How do I reserve my seat for a class?

A:  Please visit the Visions of Wonderland website at www.visionsofwonderland.com for a complete listing of upcoming classes and events. Choose the one(s) you would like to attend and complete the registration process to reserve your seat. MANY CLASSES SELL OUT!

Q:  I waited too long and now the class I wanted is SOLD OUT. Do you have a waiting list for sold out classes?

A:  Yes! To be added to our waiting list, simply email us the request. Please include your phone number and which class you are waiting for. We will contact you ASAP if a space opens up.

Q:  I found a painting I absolutely love, but it’s scheduled on a night I already have plans. Will it be back again in the future?

A:  Our most popular paintings will make their way into our rotation, but feel free to let us know or ask us about hosting a private paint party.

Q:  When I registered, it said my tickets will be shipped to me, but I didn’t receive anything.

A:  Your “ticket” is a virtual one and nothing more will be sent. This is a default setting on our website that unfortunately we can’t change. Rest assured that if you completed the registration process, your name is on our guest list!

Q:  I registered for a class, but something came up. Can I get a refund?

A:  We do understand that sometimes “life happens” so if you are unable to attend a class or event you've already registered for, you are eligible for a full refund if you give us 3 days (72 hours) notice by calling us at (541)778-7215 or emailing us at visionsofwonderland@gmail.com. Cancellations made after this point are eligible for partial class credit or can be transferred to a friend to come in your place.

Q:  Where are you located?
A:  Our studio is centrally located in Medford at 632 Crater Lake Ave (cross street is Stevens) in Shamrock Square.

Q:  What kind of paint do you use?

A:  We use a student-grade acrylic paint (unless otherwise noted in a class description). It is water soluble when wet, but is essentially permanent once dry.


“I can’t even draw a stick figure.”
Yes, you can but we won’t ask you to!


“I haven’t painted since grade school.”
That’s okay, we won’t tell anyone. And no experience is necessary AT ALL.


“My friend talked me into this, but I think that painting is too hard for me to start with.”
Don’t worry! Our experienced art instructor will give you step-by-step instructions along the way. She specializes in creating artwork suitable for teaching beginners, yet pleasing to all ages and abilities.

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